Fat Crusher System Review

2Hello good people! My name is Karl Wilson, and today I’m super excited to be sharing an experience thousands of Americans know only too well. See, in another life, I was a fat man in his middle ages, my life was wasting away and all I did was sit on a hammock and twiddle my thumbs. And yes, I have to confess that I loved to chill with the nachos and the pretzels when I could. Now I stand before you to narrate a personal experience that drove me from the precipice of despair to the heights of confidence and self-appreciation.

Let us cut to the chase. I’m now 47, and a few years ago, I was hitting the 40’s and it was not easy. See, I was one of those fat guys you see at the store buying some pizza every other day. I had a job, a great wife, and a son. I had a great social circle and an amazing setup.

But there was a glitch in the matrix..

I was fat, and those around me made no secret of it. I could barely drive to work, and my health was suffering badly. I popped pills (the legal ones, the ones supposed to kick the calories to the gutter), lifted weights, but nothing changed. No sir. Nothing was going my way. I just lumbered along life, my heavy frame in tow.

Then something profound happened…

My son came home one day from school, and boy was he excited! Jason was only 10, but he liked to read. And on this day, he came home with a pamphlet that said something that grabbed my attention; It was a piece of paper he had collected at the store, and it talked about this weight loss program called the Fat Crusher..

fat-crusher-system ebook

The rest, as they like to say all over the world, is history.

So, what is this animal known as the Fat Crusher System any way?

Well, first off, it is not an animal. It is a weight loss program, and one of the most popular ones around at that.

A little about the Fat Crusher System:

The Fat Crusher System is a well-laid out strategy that makes use of scientific knowledge to help those suffering from weight loss eradicate the problem. It is based upon research adopted from universities such as Stanford. The program comes in the form of an eBook, and for the sum of $39, you can purchase and download it for reference. The eBook offers an alternative approach to the problem of burgeoning waistlines, and provides a step-by-step procedure that does not require the use of pills or supplements. The author of the program, Frank Rosen, argues that his system is based upon an analysis of what really causes weight gain. And after trying his system, I could not agree more.

Frank Rosen

How the Fat Crusher Formula works:

Our gastrointestinal tract contains billions of bacteria, and these organisms play a crucial role in our metabolic processes. The problem here is that some of these bacteria do not really help; they derail our efforts to stay healthy. Our bodies have been set up in a complex way-if our GI bacteria are good, then we are good. However, if over 20% of the bad guys in our guts go on a rampage, they cause unexpected weight gain and no amount of exercises, diets or supplement can reverse the process. The Fat Crusher works by identifying foods that offset the effect of these bad parasites residing in our gut. It provides a step-by-step procedure that if followed, allows the user to regain their original physique within weeks.



Pros of Fat Crusher System:

· There are no pills, no exercises and no self-starvation:

I must say that I was relieved when I realized that I would not need to work my tail off at the gym just to avoid being called a fat, repulsive guy. The Fat Crusher system is really simple. All I had to do was follow a set of instructions and voila! My health would sail back in full swing. Well, that is precisely what I did. Look at where I’m now. With this approach, you do not have to sweat it out there with a bunch of weights every day.

· Affordability:

I’m just going to come out and say that I was really upset at the fact that these corporate honchos would come out with their ‘miracle’ pills and lord their theories over us. And for hundreds of dollars too! Well, now none of us needs to be upset because this new solution to all our weight woes goes for a mere $39.

· The formula used has a scientific lean:

According to the author of this program, Frank Rosen, the ideas shared are based upon years of research at top universities such as Stanford and Harvard. In addition to that, the formula has been backed by the scientific assertion that there are both good and bad bacteria in our GI’s, and that for us to stay healthy, the good guys need to keep a keen eye on the bad ones.

· The ‘crushing’ process takes weeks, even days, to start manifesting:

For me, it took 7 days to notice subtle changes. First it was my diet that seemed better, then I felt lighter, and then the ‘Fat Karl’ clothes in my closet became too big for me. At this point, I knew that I was a witness to a great transformation-mine. Other users have indicated that they were able to lose as many as 40 pounds within the first 8 weeks of the continuous application of the Fat Crusher ideas.

Cons of Fat Crusher System:

· Results vary from one individual to the next:

If you do not follow the instructions in this manual as precisely as possible, the results you get might not be the ones you expected.

· Availability:

You can only access the eBook version-there are no hard copies whatsoever.




A long time ago (in the weight loss industry, that translates into several years), they called me Fat Karl. Now I’m just Karl Wilson, the guy that went on to get so ripped that he could graces some covers(just kidding ) if he wanted to. The Fat Crusher always lives to its billing. It gets rid of toxins and kills off dangerous parasites within your system in no time. I would highly suggest that you grab yourself this copy and say goodbye to the supplements and the weights.